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Morris Invest

The Need to Know On 1031 Exchange/Cost Segregation/Buying a new construction property

About Morris Invest

You probably know by now that real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth and find financial freedom. In fact, maybe you’ve already begun the journey of making your wealth work for you (if so, excellent job). But the truth is, even seasoned experts in real estate industry struggle from time to time. And with changing tax laws and red tape seemingly waiting around every corner, a helping hand can relieve a lot of unnecessary stress.

Enter into the scene Morris Invest, founded by Clayton Morris.

You may or may not recognize the name, but Clayton Morris and his wife, Natalie, both had successful careers in television broadcasting. But a constant stream of debt and the anxiety that can accompany a possible job loss began to weigh on them, and Clayton knew it was time to start building some of that passive income he had heard so much about. After purchasing a few properties and seeing the life-changing benefits of making your wealth work for you, Clayton founded Morris Invest – a now successful and highly-esteemed real estate investment company that helps the beginner learn about the importance and very real possibility of building passive income and taking control of their wealth and the seasoned real estate expert simplify the process and increase their earnings.

“We want to make it easier for people to understand the process and maximize their current earnings. Recently, we partnered with Tom Wheelwright, CPA, who has given our client’s access to WealthAbility’s fantastic financial education and tax strategies. We’re having the opportunity to help people cut taxes by 10-40% in 3 months or less, keep those savings, and strategically re-deploy those savings to maximize their progress going forward.”

In addition to Morris Invest, Clayton Morris is the founder – along with his wife, Natalie – of Financial Freedom Academy, a business focused on helping people pay down, find freedom, and stay victorious over their debt.

Stay tuned as Clayton Morris and the Morris Invest team share their knowledge and take a deeper dive into 1031 Exchanges, cost segregation, and how to make buying a new construction property as simple as possible.

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